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Why does quality wedding website design matter?

If you are in the wedding business, giving your potential clients a good first impression is crucial.  Having a well-designed wedding website will help you compete with other wedding professionals in the marketplace.

Remember, it only takes a website visitor a few seconds to decide whether or not to remain on a particular website.

In the wedding industry, first impressions will always count.  It is important your wedding website design captures your visitors’ attention the moment they enter your website with quality design and engaging content.   If your visitors aren’t impressed, they will leave and go to a competing wedding website.

Our wedding web design team will create an appealing web design that will help keep visitors on your site and convert them into paying clients.

Getting started

For every wedding web design project we undertake, we assign it to a project manager.  Your project manager will handle every aspect of your project from beginning to end.

Our wedding website design service includes:

Attractive Wedding Theme & Graphic Design -once your potential client has discovered your website, it is important it has an extraordinary appearance.  Our wedding web design service includes an original them, graphic design and logo design if needed.

Drupal Content Management System-this gives you complete control over your own content.  You can add, edit, delete and update your website as frequently as you desire.  We create a variety of functionalities including: discussion forums, dynamic forms, interactive maps, e-commerce facilities and much more.

2 Years FREE Hosting- receive 99.9% uptime guarantee with 24/7 customer support on environmentally friendly servers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- our internet marking service attracts unique visitors who are genuinely interested in your type of products and services.  As a result, you experience improved ROI.

Additionally, we provide SEO content writing, French translation, link building and Flash animation.

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Why use Design Our Day?

Design Our Day, an affiliate of Indigoextra Ltd, is an international creative wedding web design company that includes creative graphic designers, talented website designers and skilled programmers.  Our job is to provide elegant wedding web design for companies within the wedding industry.

We will create a wedding website design that will reflect your company’s image in a positive way.  We assist ministers, celebrants, stationers and others involved in the wedding industry; attract brides-to-be who are searching for wedding professionals.

We believe there are 3 important components of wedding website design to consider when creating a wedding web design:  Design, Creativity and Functionality. We combine all three to create a wedding website design that will impress your target audience.

Once your new or existing wedding website has been created, the next important step is getting visitors to your website.  Our SEO services will help attract brides-to-be and other individuals who are interested in your services and help increase your profits.


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Colour Label printing leads to perfect packaging

Many businesses succumb to the temptation to view product packaging a mundane and unremittingly functional part of the despatch process - literally as a throwaway item.  In many respects, this is missing a trick.  Using a little ingenuity and one of the widely available modern colour label printers, packaging can be turned into an integral part of your marketing strategy, improving the visibility of your product on the retailer’s shelf, aiding stock control, both for you and your wholesale customers and even contributing to increased sales.

printing for weddings

Many firms have, in the past, been dissuaded from the use of printed labels for packaging for a number of reasons.  Ordering stocks of labels from a specialist supplier can be viewed as just one more distraction from your core business processes.  There’s a need to keep stocks in hand for each product line and the inevitable increase in packaging costs eat into margins.  Printing labels in-house can reduce the costs considerably, obviates the need to keep stocks in hand and allows changes to be made to your printed labels as and when required.

Digital label printers, such as those available from Quick Label are ideal for the purpose.  It’s a straightforward process to produce packaging labels which feature such important information as stock control codes, bar coding or shipping destination.  The label can be used to act as a factory seal too. 

A photograph or image of the product inside the packaging itself can be an extremely useful feature.  It allows warehousing staff to immediately identify goods for stock management or, for shop floor staff, as an aid to customer order picking.  Where your goods are sold in cash-and-carry outlets, for example, the fact that customers can quickly and accurately identify the packaging containing your product can make the difference between a successfully concluded sale and a frustrated customer losing interest in making the purchase.

Using a modern digital printers is a fast and straightforward process, and the equipment supplier will generally offer advice or training on the machine’s use.  Peripherals and consumables are widely available and allow the printer to be used for a wide variety of processes and labelling, not just for packaging.  The wide range of uses, not to mention the professional appearance which colour label printing lends to your packaging, makes a digital label printer an extremely useful addition to your firm’s equipment.